Ali Fazal concludes shooting for ‘Kandahar’ in Saudi Arabia

Mumbai, Jan 20 (PTI) Actor Ali Fazal on Thursday revealed that he has finished shooting for his latest Hollywood movie “Kandahar”.
Fazal, who was shooting for the action-thriller in Saudi Arabia, shared the news on his Instagram Stories.
“What a wrap!! And such a wonderful night!! Love you all!! (sic)” the 35-year-old actor, who earlier acted in international movies like “Furious 7” and “Victoria and Abdul”, wrote alongside a photo with the cast and crew.
Hours earlier, Fazal had posted a video of his visit to the two holy mosques in Mecca and Medina.
“To Medina and then Mecca! What a way to end my shoot! I am truly blessed I think in many ways. I like to think at least. This one was for Amma and Nana. Their loss will never heal me… Maybe healing isn’t the answer. Seeking is. We’ll find out.
“But I prayed n I prayed for all those around me. Family, friends, and all the people in need of love. There are just too many. And guess what ? There’s even more love to give and get. So sit tight you’all.. I just pumped some serious love atchya!!! For all the atheists.. Consider this one big meditation that just wont go wrong. Too many energies at play. Way too many,” he captioned the video.
Led by Scottish star Gerard Butler, “Kandahar” is being directed by Ric Roman Waugh, best known for helming films “Angel Has Fallen”, “Felon” and “Greenland”.
The film is based on the screenplay Waugh developed with former military intelligence officer Mitchell LaFortune. The story is inspired by Mitchell’s experiences at the Defense Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan.
Bulter is playing the role of Tom Harris, a CIA operative working in the Middle East whose cover is blown after an intelligence leak exposes his classified mission.
Stuck in hostile territory, Harris and his translator must fight their way out of the desert to an extraction point in Kandahar, Afghanistan, while eluding the elite special forces hunting them.
Details of Fazal’s character are still under wraps.
“Kandhar” is being produced by Thunder Road Films, known for backing titles like “John Wick” series and “Sicario”, G-BASE and Capstone Group.
Fazal’s forthcoming Hollywood release is Kenneth Branagh-directed “Death on the Nile”, which also features “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot. The film will be released on February 11. 

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