Climate partnership to be ‘core pillar’ of US-India cooperation: Biden

Washington, Apr 24 (PTI) US President Joe Biden has said that he wants to make achieving climate and energy goals “a core pillar” of bilateral cooperation with India and is looking forward to work with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the matter.
Biden’s remarks came a day after the two countries announced a ?US-India Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership? to create stronger bilateral cooperation on actions in the current decade to meet the goals of the landmark Paris Agreement.
?I’m looking forward to working with India’s Prime Minister Modi in a new partnership to achieve our climate and energy goals, making this a core pillar of our bilateral cooperation,? Biden said in his address to the two-day virtual summit on climate change on Friday.
The partnership includes deploying 450 gigawatts of renewable power to meet the ambitious 2030 target for climate action and clean energy.
The partnership will proceed along two main tracks — the Strategic Clean Energy Partnership, co-chaired by Secretary of Energy Granholm, and the Climate Action and Finance Mobilisation Dialogue, co-chaired by Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, a joint statement said.
Addressing the final session of the virtual climate summit on Friday, Biden said this is about the opportunity that addressing climate change provides.
It’s an opportunity to create millions of good-paying jobs around the world and innovate — in innovative sectors — jobs that bring greater quality of life, greater dignity to the people performing those jobs in every nation, he said.
?For a line-worker, electricians, utility workers — laying transmission lines, connecting battery storage, and making our electric grid more modern. For automotive workers — building electric cars, trucks, and buses. Skilled workers installing and charging stations to accommodate them throughout our countries,? he added.
America is once again stepping into the leadership role, Biden said.
?We will be joining and a partner — for the nations and efforts to decarbonise critical sectors across the board, including the industrial sector, where we’ll join with Sweden and India,” Biden said.
Biden also welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call for carbon dioxide removal.
?I’m very heartened by President Putin’s call yesterday for the world to collaborate and advanced carbon dioxide removal. And the United States looks forward to working with Russia and other countries in that endeavour,” the US president said.
“It has a great promise. This is a moment for all of us to build better economies for our children, our grandchildren, and all of us to thrive not just now, but beyond for the next generations,? Biden said.
He said nations that work together to invest in a cleaner economy will reap rewards for their citizens.
“The United States is committed ? we are committed to making those investments to grow our economy here at home while connecting with markets around the world,” he added.

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