Cong launches medical advisory helpline

New Delhi, May 1 (PTI) The Congress on Saturday started a new initiative — plasma collection drive — with its leader Rahul Gandhi launching a medical advisory helpline aimed at helping those battling with COVID-19.
“India needs to stand together and help our people. We have launched ‘Hello Doctor’ a medical advisory helpline. Please call +919983836838 for medical advice,” Gandhi said on Twitter while launching the doctor helpline.
“Dear Dr’s and mental health professionals, we need your help. Please enroll on,” he said sharing the “Hello Doctor” helpline link and urging doctors to join the battle against the coronavirus and help those in need.
Later, the Indian Youth Congress launched a new initiative ‘Plasma Help link’, whereby those recovered from COVID-19 would be contacted by the IYC and their plasma collected.
Srinivas BV, president of the Congress’s youth wing, said this is for the first time in India’s history that “rather than the government, it is the opposition which is reaching out to the people”. He said people recovered from COVID-19 can register themselves with the helpline and donate plasma.
The helpline will soon be linked to the Congress help centres being set up at party headquarters and at state offices, which in turn will help people in need of plasma.
AICC spokesperson Pawan Khera said the initiative will come to the aid of those in need of plasma. He said it will help those in need irrespective of their political leanings or belief.
Congress secretary Pranav Jha said the hallmark of any government is to be able to help its people when they need it, irrespective of whether they are their supporters or opponents.
He said people in need of help are tagging “Congress party frontline workers, youth leaders, their social media handles”.
“Congress party knows how to serve those who are in need because it’s in our legacy. We know how to do it! We open that one door when all others have shut. We reach the unreachable. And we do it all without seeking any credit,” he said.

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