Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital receives 3.5 tonnes of oxygen

New Delhi, Apr 27 (PTI) Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here received 3.5 tonnes of medical oxygen on Tuesday and was in a better situation as compared to the last few days, an official said. The elite healthcare facility in central Delhi had sent multiple SOS messages last week amid a severe shortage of oxygen as the lives of hundreds of patients at the facility hung by a thread.

The hospital said it has 4,500 cubic metres of oxygen in its storage tanks and it may last up to 8:30 pm. “We received two tonnes of liquid medical oxygen at 6 am on April 27. Yesterday, we had received a tanker carrying 10 tonnes of liquid medical oxygen. We are in a better situation as compared to the last few days and we hope this continues,” said the official.

The Delhi government sent another 1.5 tonnes around 3:30 pm, he said.The hospital requires a minimum of 11,000 cubic metres of liquid oxygen daily and has a consumption of 10,000 cubic metres per day.

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