Govt to formulate air sports policy

New Delhi, India, Jan 2: The government plans to formulate a national air sports policy as well as set up an apex body for air sports.
The civil aviation ministry has sought comments from the public on the draft National Air Sports Policy (NASP 2022) till January 31.
The plan is to promote air sports by making it “safe, affordable, accessible, enjoyable and sustainable”, according to the ministry.
The policy will cover sports like aerobatics, aeromodelling, amateur-built and experimental aircraft, ballooning, drones, skydiving and vintage aircraft.
Under the policy, an Air Sports Federation of India (ASFI) will be established as the apex governing body while associations for each air sport will handle day to day activities.
The air sports associations will be accountable to ASFI with respect to the regulatory oversight.
Further, ASFI shall represent India at FAI and other global platforms related to air sports.
The F?d?ration A?ronautique Internationale (FAI), headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland is the world governing body for air sports.
“The vision is to make India one of the top air sports nations by 2030,” the ministry said.
The draft has been prepared by a committee comprising senior officials from the Union government, Indian armed forces, Aero Club of India, National Cade Corps and air sports experts.

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