Biopesticides to make agriculture and farmers self-reliant; Rural farmers trained by SOA students

Bhubaneswar, 14 August 2023 : A group of students from Siksha O Anusandhan University (SOA), Bhubaneswar on Monday organised a training camp in the city outskirts and offered training to the farmers about the use of organic fertilizers and bio pesticide.

Biopesticide is comparatively safer than the use of chemicals or chemical derived pesticides in agriculture posing low risks to humans and the farmland. The use of biopesticide not only enhances the productivity of the agricultural field but also increases the profits of the farmers. And, the students from the Institute of Agriculture of SOA are alerting the farmers about this message.

Today, a training camp was held for the local farmers in Kujimahal village near Chandka in the outskirts of the city. It made farmers more aware of organic fertilizers. Through Village Linkage Programme-VAP, farmers were trained on how to prepare bio pesticides or medicine using weeds or leaves of various medicinal plants.

While the current costly farming practices affect farmers, excessive use of chemical fertilizers, diseases and pests weaken the fertility and capacity of fields. The trainees explained to the farmers that this can only be solved by applying biological pesticides.

It has been alerted that by using the leaves of Neem, Baigba, Ghee kuari, Aat, Nigiri, Papaya, Ganja and using them, the disease will be destroyed immediately.
The programme was moderated by Rakesh Roshan Shetpathi and Ramakrishna Bastia, assistant professors of SOA College of Agriculture. Agriculture students Pralipta Samantharay, Pallavi Panda, Jytrekha Singh, Swastika Rath, Lipsamayi Behera, Madhusmita Bala, Pratha Prathiksha, Pragyamanjari Patel, Ankita Mahapath, Arpita Biswal, Rutamvara Mishra, Srisushrimayi Major participated and alerted the farmers.

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