Rajasthan Police launches campaign against fake news

Jaipur, Feb 9 (PTI) Calling fake news “soft and sweet as chocolate”, the Rajasthan Police on Wednesday asked people to check its spread as soon as possible.
On Chocolate Day, the force tweeted a photo of a chocolate bar with the line “CHOKE THE FAKE NEWS, DON’T BE LATE”.
“#FakeNews is #SoftAndSweet as chocolate. You also bring #Real sweetness in the lives of others with #Facts, don’t mix bitterness with #Rumors,” it tweeted in Hindi.
A day back on Tuesday, which was Propose Day of the Valentine’s Week, the police tweeted an instructional photo asking people to be careful while forwarding messages on social media.
The force asked people to consider the source of any news, cross-check it, and check its date, photos and spellings used carefully before forwarding them. 

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