Second wave of coronavirus can last up to 100 days: Expert’s advisory

New Delhi, Apr 16 (PTI) The second wave of coronavirus can last up to 100 days and such waves will keep coming till 70 per cent of the population is vaccinated and herd immunity is achieved, according to an advisory prepared by an expert for Southeast Delhi Police.
Aimed at creating awareness among police personnel, the advisory by Dr. Neeraj Kaushik said the new mutated virus has potential to skip immunity and even vaccine. “This is the reason for re-infection and cases among vaccinated people.”
This mutated virus is so infectious that if one member is affected, the whole family gets infected. It is preying on children too, Dr Kaushik said in the document.
He said that routine RT-PCR tests may not detect the mutated virus. However, loss of smell is a very strong indicator that a person is corona positive.
“The second wave of coronavirus can last up to 100 days. Such waves will keep coming until we attain 70 percent vaccination and herd community. So, do not lower your guard, especially mask,” the advisory read.
It said surface transmission of virus is no more a threat now as per the recent trends. Hence, not much emphasis on surface disinfection is needed.
The doctor told police personnel that the chance of getting infected becomes very high “when you come in contact with the positive person for more than 15 minutes”.
People with comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease etc. Must take extra precaution, he said.
Dr Kaushik advised police personnel to avoid over exercise and junk food.
“Go for nutritious foods including juice, coconut water. Dalia in meals,” he said.
He also suggested the personnel change their “careless mindset and attitude and learn to wear masks professionally”.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast) RP Meena said Kaushik has been working with the district police since the pandemic began.
He has conducted several various campaigns and prescribed medicines for our staff, Meena said, adding suggestions by him will help us understand and deal with the second wave.

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